What are the possible rendering options?

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asked Mar 15, 2016 by neoknip (410 points)


I am trying out 3d Object tracking.
I was able to create a 3D target successfully.
I am also using the sample applications to track and augment the 3D target.
When I point mydevice at the 3D model, I can see that it is detected, as lots of green dots are displayed on the object along with a small green square at the center.
1) Can you please explain more about the rendering process in ARMedia. I couldn't find much information in the samples.(Only one model axes.osg, is loaded).
2) Is it possible to draw using Open GL ES APIs? If so, can i find any samples of it?. 
3) What are the possible ways through which I can render (augment) the 3D target?

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answered Mar 15, 2016 by Alex (6,680 points)
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first of all have a look at this question:




When talking about the OpenGL ES APIs, provided that you already know to setup the OpenGL ES context and how to use those APIs, you just need to get the pose from the tracker which is just a standard OpenGL matrix and can be used as is to transform the geometry you want to display. Setting up you app for OpenGL ES is task for which there are many resources and tutorials available online, so if you really want to develop at the OpenGL ES level, I'd strongly suggest to make some practice with the basic functionalities first... for instance you could create a simple/plain OpenGL ES app and then step by step integrate the tracking capabilities of the SDK.


Beyond using the tracker's pose you should also understand how to capture the camera frame (which can be done very easily using the ARMediaCamera object as shown in the SDK examples) and then apply the grabbed frame as a texture onto a quad (done using OpenGL ES specific APIs).


Hope this will help you to get started.

asked Mar 21, 2016 by neoknip (410 points) Couldn't find ARMediaCamera Object examples.
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