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asked Sep 28, 2015 by Alijohny (120 points)
Hi sir,

I am trying to modify the Armedia3dTrackerBasicExample for Android, so that it can track a new 3d object of my own. I need to use Armedia SDK for my Master Thesis so I only use the free version. I have a couple of questions to ask:

1) I couldnt use the 3d Targets Manager as I supposed its not available for free, so I constructed a .ply file of my model with other tools. Is it possible to work like this?

2)Can I use the SDK without buing a licence and if so how can i get a key for my application?

3)After I replaced the default 3d object of the example (assets\pointcloud folder), and constructed a xml configuration file (i am not sure if the <pointcloud_checksum> is correct, as i know it must be changed but i dont know how to create the right value), i run the app and get an error "Could not init the target" first and then "The target in use may be corrupted". Is this because i dont have a license, or it is a problem with the configuration file, as it has not been constructed through the 3d Targets Manager?

4) Applications keys and SDk licence are free or not, and if they are how can i acquire them?


Thank you.

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answered Oct 25, 2015 by Alex (6,680 points)

1) we use an extended version of the PLY format, so if you manually construct the ply it won't work.

2) in order to use the SDK you are supposed to buy a subscription either for 1 month or more if required, but I guess you can try to contact any of the available email addresses to ask for the possibility to have a sort of 'education' license (frankly speaking I do not know if this will be ever possible but let's try...)

3) as mentioned we use an extended format for the tracking data, so you cannot load anything that has not be created by the online target manager

4) please contact the company using any of the email addresses to see what the possibilities are


Best regards.

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