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asked Aug 27, 2015 by sebix (150 points)

I am testing the SDK at the moment as part of my bachelor thesis and I have one big problem that I cannot get around:

I cannot get the ARMedia3DTrackerRenderingExample to show other model than the dancer with a texture.

The dancer is rendered properly: brown/red hair, realistic coloured skin, black clothes. The animation runs fine, too.

But when I try to use any other model, all of them are grey.

Is there a 3D content documentaton that I haven't found yet?

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answered Aug 28, 2015 by Alex (6,680 points)
Hi sebix,

can you share any of the models you are trying to load? Usually if you use a FBX (binary format, not ASCII) you should not have any issue with textures, but in some cases if you load OBJ or FBX (Ascii format) you may experience some problems if the textures paths stored in the model file are absolute paths or if they point to a wrong location.


commented May 27, 2016 by neoknip (410 points)
reshown Sep 10, 2016 by inglobe
Hi sebix,
Even i couldn't load an fbx model (with animation). I could view it through FBX review application. But it is not loading in the sample application.
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