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asked Jun 24, 2015 by mayuran26 (120 points)
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Hi Sir,

I am a new user for AR-media developer portal, I have created a login then downloaded the android SDK, some of the samples are included with the SDK.

Can I abe to modify the sample or create new application using ar-media sdk ? I have this doubt because of I got free HS subscription for two weeks once i login to hyperspace and I get a message as "You do not have a valid subscription to generate a signature" under Licensing section what does it really mean ?

Thanks in Advance

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answered Jul 8, 2015 by Alex (6,680 points)

please can you tell us the username you are using on the developer portal. We will check your subscription and eventually re-activate it.


Using the TRIAL subscription you are free to modify the examples but you cannot change the identifier of the app and are not allowed to publish any app, you must use the key that is already set in the examples configuration or the one that is available in the Licenses section once you log in..

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