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asked Jun 18, 2015 by mmlmeon (210 points)


I test 3D Tracker to track buildings. But it is hard for me to create 2d-3d association well.

Does anyone have tips for tracking buildings?

Trial is expired if I test more and more, I want to know the tips.

Especially, axes are located undesired position.

Does it be bad results if I use no texture 3D model as reference to associate 2D-3D?  



By the way, one of my target image is below: 




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answered Jun 23, 2015 by Alex (6,680 points)

buildings are usually easily tracked if they do not have reflective facades. Some tips:


1) take pictures from several point of views and at different angles, usually when dealing with buildings you should move at least 5 meters away to have a reasonable good different points of view


2) try to shoot pictures in diffuse lighting condition to avoid (the picture you have uploaded seems OK)


3) be sure that all of the pictures you use are in focus otherwise you will get very bad resutls


4) be sure to provide pictures also for calibration purposes, you do this when starting the creation of a new 3D target (you need to print the calibration pattern and take 50 pictures of it using the ToolSet app)


5) usually it is enough to take 24 pictures of the building you want to track, and among those pictures you should choose 3 images and just made 3D/2D associations using those images


6) regarding 3D/2D association I'd suggest to choose points that are not on the same plane, in this case for each image you need to choose 6 points (note that these points can be the same among the used pictures).


Please feel free to tell us your username so that we can eventually check your 3D target and provide more suggestions.

Hope this helps.

Alessandro @ Inglobe Technologies
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