Planar tracking with rendering marker problem

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asked Jun 21, 2017 by Paul (130 points)


I am using the SDK's Planar tracking with rendering sample on android studio and I want to change the marker so I added a new image in this directory: assets -> target.planar (where there is the default_image_target.jpg) and under private void loadModels I added this code (the same code which the sample used for the default_image_target.jpg): addObject (model,"new_target") and addObject (axes,"new_target") but it doesn't work.

Am I missing something?

Thank you




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answered Aug 2, 2017 by Alex (6,680 points)

you should check the "conf.xml" file for that example and if the 'cache' flags are set to 1 jsut set them to 0. If they are set to 1 the app will load the cached data to initialise the tracker and any added image will be ignored if not cached previously. Specifically when you add a new image you'd better set the reading flag for the cache to 0.


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