with or without background

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asked Jun 21, 2017 by sheldon (120 points)
b.jpg is originally picture,a.jpg is edited by photo shop removing the background。For 3d object tracking,which  picture is  better? Thanks。

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answered Aug 2, 2017 by Alex (6,680 points)

it usually depends on the actual usecase. For instance if you are tracking a building and the surrounding environment does not change, you'd better leave the background, on the other hand, for objects that can be moved you could remove the background and in some cases you could get better results.

I say "in some cases" because the target generation algorithm already do this kind of thing 'somehow' and you could not notice any difference with or without the background. But we found that especially with objects that tend to have less features than the background it could really help to remove the background from the photographs becuase the algorithm would otherwise tend to extract more features from the background than from the actual object.


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