Locaion example is not working anymore or the sdk?

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asked Mar 17, 2017 by ger (470 points)


Im using the sdk since July , i did try to do an AR geo by using the location example, i puted a 3D model at a location which was my home, i did some test by putting a model outside my house , it did work , i mean a saw the model there 

But lately i created another project , i imported again  the Armedia sdk to unity, i tried to use the location example by:i did change the manifest name to Androidmanifest

then i put added this in manifest com.inglobetechnologies.armedia.sdk.tracking.ARMediaTrackingUnityPlugin

 I set the  Bundle Identifier (com.inglobetechnologies.ARMediaSDKUnityExample) in AndroidManifest file

I used OpenGLES 2 only ,

I did some test today at my house:to make sure it works

I did  modify the ArmediaLocation geo data by putting a far away location data from my house   : latittude and Longtitude ,also altitude to do a test but i saw the model at my house, like what?, the model dont suppose to be at my house because i put the location data at some place in south of my country 

How come i saw the model already ?

Is the model appear by deffault?

Or because im using the sdk in so many unity projects?

Or the sdk dont work at all or anymore?

Is the sdk dont work?

Please help, i love the armedia sdk but im feeling sad and not happy about it,i dont want to gave up using it please help 



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