How to get the Camera works on new update version?

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asked Oct 26, 2016 by ger (470 points)

Hi, i just done a project on location example with new update version of Armedia , i fillowed the steps that u told me to
but when i opn the app i couldnt see the camera , the camera cant connect with the app , it crash my cam , what to do? help me please ? maybe its my devise problem?
How to use tt the sdk  step by step to make a model appear at some location?

help me please 

1 Answer

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answered Oct 27, 2016 by Andrea (1,010 points)
Hi ger,

You're talking about the Unity Pluging or Standard SDK?

In both cases Android or iOS?


commented Oct 27, 2016 by ger (470 points)
Yes im using the  update unity sdk ARMediaSDK_Unity_v2.1.0, i like to do to create  an app that i can add a model at a location so i did used the location example but i didnt get it to work at all, the cam didnt work also

id like to know what to do to make it work?
commented Oct 28, 2016 by ger (470 points)
Can i post my project here so u can please take a loak at it? thanks
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