tablet's hardware not operational when building example apps

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asked Jun 8, 2016 by umbamanos (120 points)

Unity Version 5.3.4f1 Personal

Android SDK unity plugin (ARMediaSDK_Unity_v2.0.0)

Tablet Samsung SM-P905

Android Version 5.0.2

Trial SDK Licence


1. Drop the unity Package in project view under assets

2. Open any example scene

3. Setting application key and bundle identifier

4. Build and Run.

5. The project builds

Open any example scene in unity and inserting bundle identifier and application key based on the SDK licence.

The app runs on tablet, the camera is not showing anything in any object tracking example. Also in the motionscence of the Motion Example I can see the axis but nothing happens when I move the Device.

Summarizing I would say that none of the examples work as expected. Is it something that I am doing wrong?

I can see that there are some android specific libraries (under armeabi-v7a folder). Do I have to import them somehow to the currently open Scene for the app to work properly?


In the case that i drop the android plugin under the motion Example folder with the respective scene open I get the following

Unknown cpu architecture for .so library (Assets/Examples/ARMedia/MotionExample/Android/libs/armeabi-v7a/


1 Answer

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answered Jun 8, 2016 by Alex (6,680 points)

have you renamed or merged the manifest file as described in the README file?


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