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Why use ARmedia SDK?

ARmedia SDK is a state of the art software development kit based on a complete suite of tools that help developers create from simple to very complex Augmented Reality applications quickly and effectively.

The SDK provides Tracking and Rendering Modules that are based on a variety of recognition and tracking methods, including 3D Object, Planar, Location and Motion Tracking. Thanks to a unique 3D model tracking approach, ARmedia SDK enabled applications are not just capable of recognizing planar images and locations but also complex 3D objects independently of their size and geometry.

The SDK offers 3D tracking and rendering capabilities with all that is required to develop powerful computer vision and Augmented Reality applications easily and modularly by means of flexible and low-cost subscription options.

Advanced Computer Vision and Tracking Engine

We develop powerful computer vision algorithms to recognize and track real world 3D objects in real time on different platforms. By using our technology you will be able to create advanced applications and systems that scale in different applicative domains.

Integration with Authoring Environments

Thanks to its modular design, you can integrate the ARmedia SDK with any 3D Engine and Authoring Environment to get the best results. We already offer a working integration with Unity 3D and Open Scene Graph.


Versions available

We are creating a SDK to support different platforms.

iOS version Download
Android version Download
Windows version Soon available
OS X version Soon available

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